DSC0052 - CopyBiography of a man whose friends call him Phoenix

Giorgio Armani, once worked as a buyer’s assistant for a department store. Christian Dior started his career as an art dealer and the famous Coco Chanel once worked as a clerk in a shop that sold hosiery. Ralph Lauren commenced his career selling ties for a neckwear manufacturer. Thierry Mugler began his career as a dancer.

Some of the Indian bigwigs of the fashion industry today, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, though they lack in professional training, they push ethnic fashion to the limits; Wendell Rodricks started out as a catering graduate and has made a big name in the fashion world.

This clearly indicates and proves that top fashion designers aren’t a product of a formal education or training, but rather they are born with it and when destiny takes over their talents manifest. One other name, that is synonymous with such humble and off the wall beginning, who has been in the fashion circuit now for a brief period is Kourosh Gharbi.

Kourosh Gharbi, born in UAE on 21st July, 1972 to Iranian parents of Shirazi origin, is the second of the foursome siblings. He took up to school just like all other kids of his age during his childhood but his family’s financial situation forced him to take a up a job at a local salon and he had to drop out of school while he was barely 15. A couple of years thence, he chose to travel to his home land, Iran, to serve his nation. Upon completing his military services for two full years, he returned to the UAE. He took up the first job that showed up, as he had no alternatives nor the luxury of choice and time. He took up to work as a PRO with a fairly big organization that dealt in textiles. He then worked in the real estate market as a broker during the booming times in UAE. Falling out of school early has made him work odd jobs but he’s never deterred.

It was back in his early childhood, while he was just about 9 years that he felt the bond with the textiles, designs and outfits. He, at that age of 9, had hand-stitched a shirt for himself out of a couple of pieces of cloth that he had found laying around in the house. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out to be very good but it did help kindle the flame and help him realize his connection with the fashion world.

Ever since his return to the UAE after completing his military services, he’s managed to keep himself abreast, if not with the fashion industry per se, but found some means to keep his association with fashion, through dress designing as he worked a part-time job, designing Jeans & Tops for the Iran market. Back then, UAE had no fashion designing courses. Later, as some fashion courses opened up, those were categorically meant for females only.

Between his return from Iran to second half of the first decade of 2000, he’s see an array of highs & lows in his personal and professional life alike. At times, it was his close associates that duped him for money and of all the odds he even faced tough situations at the hands of his beloved ones who deceived him. All this, once again put him back into tough and taxing financial situations. ‘I wish to be remembered as the last man of the tribe to surrender my rifle‘, truly living the words of the ‘Sitting Bull’, Kourosh has kept himself ticking despite all odds and fending for himself and supporting his parents to the best he could.

Eventually, as colleges and institutes in UAE formally started offering fashion courses in UAE for males and females alike, around first decade of 2000, Kourosh took up to attending one of the elite fashion institutes, ESMOD. High and dry on cash, he ended up with a sizeable loan that could merely allow himself a six month workshop at ESMOD which he completed in December 2011. He attended this workshop at ESMOD while working for a multinational organization that he serves till date. It was challenging and yet exciting as he had to make time to reach for his classes in the evenings. Ever since, the flame that had kindled at the age of 9 has turned in to a fiery tornado that has perpetually engulfed him and has helped him stay focused. He brought out his first collection, the ‘Fancy Silk Collection’ in mid-2012 which was displayed and stocked at ESMOD Fashion store at Wafi Mall in Dubai; the market response to this collection of his, was minimalistic.

True to the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, he took his first collections failure to heart, only to use it as a stepping stone. With the help and valuable guidance that he further received from the ESMOD’s management team, a year later, he came up with his next collection “Termeh – Luxurious & Richness” which he launched in the last quarter of 2013. This collection of his has been sponsored for several fashion shows such as:

  • Nivea for the Ladies Day Out at Meydan Racecourse, Dubai held from 25th to 27th Oct 2013
  • ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) The Life & Style Show UAE, held from 5th to 7th Dec 2013
  • Embassy Club Fashionable Fridays at Grosvenor House, Marina Dubai held on 7th Feb 2014

Kourosh Fashion was nominated as “Emerging Talent” to the Grazia Style Awards 2014 held on 25 Mar 2014.

The collection is being displayed at ESMOD Fashion Store that has been relocated at Sunset Mall, Jumeirah 3, Dubai UAE. The collection is also available to shoppers online via: www.alangoo.com/ KOUROSHFashion and through www.tejuri.com. Kourosh Fashion is the trademark of the head designer – Kourosh Gharbi – inspired by his own name – KOUROSH – who was one of the great Persian kings known as ‘Cyrus the Great’ to the world.

One of Kourosh’s quotes: “Incomplete I am, without fashion“. He’s always believed, ‘If you believe in it, it will come true’. Kourosh, a man with raw grit, true passion and a genuine yearning for fashion. Though with a modest beginning, true to his sincere belief, Kourosh plans to make it big in to the fashion world…