Kourosh Fashion

A name and a trademark that has emerged and specializes in women’s ethnic and plush luxury wear evening gowns, cocktail dresses, bags and accessories. Kourosh Fashion passionately indulges in ensembles that range from a single top, to a long dress through three-piece evening wears; utilizing the head-designer’s aggressive competence plus a meticulous well-exposed quality cross-checker, with accumulated experience in-line with the international standards that are second to none. Our brand, master’s the ability and technique to deliver high-quality designer wears, evening dresses, etc. to suit any occasion of your desire and yet aptly fit in to your budgets without burning a hole in your pockets.



How it all started… The Head Designer, KOUROSH, who was born in UAE to an Iranian duo, who never let go off his passion and the fire that had kindled in him while he was as young as 9 years. ‘KOUROSH’, inspired by his name that his parents chose for him, came up to create Kourosh Fashion in the midst of a long awaited aspiration. Enrolling into and attending a renowned Fashion Institute to acquire formal education in Fashion, needless to say, was and has been his dream till recent times, as long as, till he ventured into the second half of fourth decade of his life. He could have blamed it on to his family situations, family feuds, financial crisis’, guile, deceit; almost all the probable ingredients that a common man can be exposed to, Kourosh had them all, well served by life with all of these elements to failure, door delivered to him in abundance. Assertive, proactive and aggressive, being his true qualities, sitting on the fence was not something he could live with, he always chose to jump into the arena and took the bull by its horns, practically every time a situation posed and on almost every single instance turned the tables and converted the unfavorable circumstances into his stepping stones. All throughout his roller-coaster life he never let go off the flame and passion for Fashion. Few years ago, he enrolled at the Esmod-Dubai French Fashion University to complete his formal training.

Kourosh, a gentleman with a great understanding of his culture and the and a keen observer and avid learner of the diversities across the world; he masters the art of bringing the traditional & ethnic ensembles of the yester years to life and blends them into the modern day world of fashion to seamless perfection.

The LOGO… The paisley background design is the Zoroastrian symbol of life, representing cypress tree; the bowed head of this symbol represents humbleness and modesty or call it the curvature in front of the Almighty. The dark blue color symbolizes truth, authority & stability. The name, “KOUROSH” was name one of the Persian king and known as Cyrus the Great to the world.